Simple & Transparent Pricing

At SmartShip, we leverage our years of experience to run an efficient fulfillment business.  As a result, we’re able to provide our customers with direct, transparent pricing options that help and impact our client’s bottom line. 

Request Fulfillment Pricing

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    Reliable. Powerful. Affordable.

    Always on time

    Timely and accurate shipping is important to your customers, to you, and to us! That’s why we’ve optimized for speed and reliability in our shipping network.

    Support included

    Not everyone is a shipping expert — and that’s ok! Just contact us if you have any questions.

    We do it all

    SmartShip can handle direct-to-consumer, dropship, and wholesale; we integrate with many different partners; and we’re adding more all the time.

    Pricing. Uncomplicated.

    At SmartShip, our goal is to simplify your warehouse and fulfillment experience, and that goal also extends to our pricing model. Pricing starts at $2.60 per order and scales based on your volumes. Contact us for a custom quote.

    Storage Simplified

    Our storage costs are direct – starts at $5.00 per bin and $20.00 per pallet.  


    Per Bin


    Per Pallet

    Need Additional

    Base pricing

    Starting at $2.60 per order* and scaling with your business as it grows. *Additional items per order charge not included

    Value Added Projects

    Got a special job for us? Our warehouse team can handle anything from special labeling and price tags to custom kitting and more!

    Container Off-Loading

    Schedule your delivery with us and we’ll unload the truck and inbound your products.  We’ll then give you an inventory count and make it available for shipment.